We have recently re-branded as a company, which means new logo’s new vehicles, new websites and new staff uniform.

As always, Astley Hire, actively participate in events, fundraising and contribute to local charities and we have had a recent opportunity to help The British Red Cross by donating all our former, branded clothing.

Unfortunately, the charity can’t sell logo’d clothing or distribute items to third-world Countries so to help others, they sell the clothing here, in the UK shops and use the money to buy useful equipment and distribute locally and Internationally.

The old work wear is collected by one of The Red Cross’s delivery drivers.  They collect the corporate work wear and then recycle it – it’s a much preferred option, helps those in need and avoids it all going to land-fill sites.

Today, all Astley Hire staff are returning all their former branded work clothing ready for The British Red Cross to collect.

See below, our new logo and re-branded van.

You can also see our brand-new training website here…


Astley Hire Donates Boom to Local Hospice

Every year, Wigan & Leigh Hospice beautifully decorate a Christmas tree and exhibit it on Kildare Street, Hindley as part of their annual ‘Light for a Life Appeal,’ which has been a tradition since 1998.

For over ten years, we have donated one of our booms to enable the decoration and erection of the tree, which commemorates and celebrates the lives of loved ones.   To help the Hospice with the smooth-running of the event, we deliver the boom two weeks prior to the tree’s unveiling and light-switch-on.   As soon as the tree is completed, we collect the boom and re-deliver in January to aid the dismantling process.

Wigan & Leigh Hospice explain the purpose of the Christmas tree…

‘Our annual Light for a Life Appeal provides an opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one.  Light for a Life is a very special appeal, which every year marks the lives of those we love and helps us to remember those we have lost.  Our beautiful Christmas tree is lit up every December featuring simple lights to mark each dedication.’

Two of our valued employees, Lorraine Warburton (Buyer) and Jo Lundy (Operations Manager) were at the big reveal recently and managed to capture these photos, below.

See you next year!

Preparing for the switch-on
Preparing for the switch-on
The Dazzling Light for Life Tree
The Dazzling Light for Life Tree




As we are coming to the end of PASMA Tower Safety Week we thought we’d finish with the five most common problems when assembling a mobile access tower.

1: Vertical alignment

Towers should be checked to ensure they remain vertical. A tower which is not vertically aligned is likely to be unstable.

The likelihood of overturning of towers as a result of instability is most often a combination of factors. Being out of level is a common contributory factor.

Take care to maintain the vertical alignment of the tower and DO NOT use a tower that is not level.

2: Structural Overload

Whilst it is an uncommon occurrence, tower structures can collapse. Investigation shows that this is almost invariably as a result of incorrect assembly, using damaged components or overloading the tower structure.

DO NOT exceed the manufactures stated maximum load, either on individual platforms or on the whole tower structure. Always refer to the manufactures instruction manual for the Safe Working Load.

3: Incorrect Assembly

When assembling and dismantling towers, always follow the sequence explained in the Manufactures instruction manual. Use only the correct components in the right place, follow the recommended bracing pattern. It is important that this advice is followed, as this gives the tower structure strength.

4: Improper use of guardrails

Statistic show that falls from height are historically amongst the highest causes of fatalities and serious injuries reported each year.

Guardrails are designed to prevent falls from platforms. With the main guardrail set at about 950mm high, which is intended to be above the users centre of gravity, and the mid guardrail at approximately the mid point between this and the platform, so that there is no unprotected gap more than 470mm, it is difficult for anyone to fall if these are installed correctly.

5: Over – reaching

Users must avoid over-reaching, over-stretching or setting up ladders, steps or other devices to gain additional height. These have the effect of placing the operative above the fall prevention measures afforded by the guardrails.

Only use additional components to increase the platform height safely.

*please note that these are only five mistakes but not the extensive list. Other problems can occur such as the ground or overhead obstructions*

We are running a special offer at the minute on PASMA training. If you would like to know more about PASMA and would like to obtain the correct accreditation then you can find more info or book online, below.

Pam’s Peak Challenge


Our very own PASMA Instructor, Pam Agent is training hard to prepare for a new challenge – Trekfest 2018.

Pam and friends will be hiking for twelve miles, braving the weather and heights of The Peak District this September.   Pam, who runs our PASMA course and currently undertaking the IPAF Instructors training has set up her own Just Giving page to raise money for The Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group – a charity close to her heart.

The team who are trekking under the name ‘Madchester’ will be ready to tackle the peaks on September 1st 2018.  If you would like to read more about Pam’s story or donate, please click on the link below.

Good luck Pam!

Meet Our New Team Members

Here are our newest members of staff – please welcome Mark Allcock and Shaun Broli to our Astley Hire team.

Mark is our new Cleaning Operations Manager and highly experienced within the cleaning industry.  Before joining us, Mark worked as a Technical Sales Manager for Ice Industrial Cleaning and we are happy to have him on board to promote and expand our growing, cleaning division.  Mark’s role will be to promote our cleaning machines, contacting existing customers, building new business relationships and attending site surveys.

Mark Allcock
Mark Allcock

Residing in Astley, Mark is married with two sons, Adam and Jonathan and is kept busy with his three grandchildren.  When he manages to reserve some time, Mark is a keen golfer.

Shaun has come on board as one of our delivery drivers and has lots of experience delivering for his former company, Merinal Plumbing.

A local Leigh lad, Shaun enjoys keeping fit, motorsport racing, cars and spending time in the tattooist’s chair.

Shaun Broli
Shaun Broli

As a company, we always like to hire local people and we are looking forward to working alongside Mark and Shaun.

Charity in the Community

Last year we decided to give back to our local community and donate £3,500 to our local charities and individuals in need.  We received a vast amount of entries and we were able to distribute the funds to assist and help our local causes.  Due to the success of it we have decided to release another £3,500 in 2018.  Application forms can be collected from Astley Hire’s depot on Jury Street, Westleigh or Jo Platt’s office (next door to The Waterside).

Here we are with Jo Platt in the local newspaper…

Alternatively, you can click on the link, below and print off a form.  Please remember that all individuals or charities must be based within the Leigh Constituencies.  Application form for the Astley Hire Foundation 2018

Meet our New General Manager

We would like to introduce you all to our new General Manager, Martin Doran.

Like most of our employees, Martin grew up in the Wigan & Leigh Borough and possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills to take Astley Hire to further heights.

Martin has a varied background of knowledge and training, first studying at The University of Central Lancashire in Accounting & Financial Services, which led him to work for many years at outsourced accounting company, Sollertia.  It was whilst working at Sollertia that Martin looked after Astley Hire’s accounts for several years.

Having our portfolio in his capable hands Martin attended monthly management meetings setting budgets for the company whilst also gaining an insight to the company’s operations.

The General Manager role is one of great responsibility and Martin’s prime targets will be to grow and expand the company’s sales, products and divisions.  The long-term goal is so Directors Stephen and Michael Dorricott can take a well-earned step back and work towards retirement.

Outside of work, Martin is a husband and father of a two year old daughter.  He has a passion for rugby and regularly attends the Wigan Warrior’s games with his family.

Core values and family values are an integral part of Astley Hire’s empire along with our ethos of quality, reliability and service.  Martin is excited to be a part of our growing company…

‘Astley Hire have been a growing company for 52 years, which is a huge achievement.  I will build on the heritage to ensure this company continues to develop and is here to celebrate future birthdays.’

Below is a photo of Martin being welcomed to the company by our local Labour MP, Jo Platt and Director, Stephen.

thumbnail (14)


Astley Hire Attends Sponsor Day at Local Pit

If you followed our blog a few weeks ago you will know that Astley Hire willingly contributed equipment and time towards the renovations and improvements of the Lancashire Mining Museum at Astley Pit.  This past Sunday we were invited to their sponsor day where we were able to meet like-minded and fellow sponsors who all played a part in improving a valued piece of history.

Next week the museum are urging people to attend the family day at Higher Green Lane in Astley where you can take a ride one one of the two small trains or relax and enjoy a licensed bar or visit the tea rooms for refreshments, sandwiches and cakes.  Tickets can be purchased in advance here…

The Lancashire Heritage Steam Festival

Here’s a review from one of our staff who attended the sponsor day…

‘We thoroughly enjoyed our guided tour and were pleased to see such a difference being made to the Astley Heritage site for many generations to come.  The tea room was most impressive along with fresh sandwiches and cakes, and who can forget the lovely Marilyn who wowed us with her stories in the ‘Miner’s Cottage.’  We are positive that next week’s steam festival will be a roaring success.’

Taking Steps to Reduce the Footprint

Astley Hire has been taking big steps in order to reduce the Co2 emissions in the UK by investing in the creation of the new woodlands.  This has been achieved by reducing our Co2 emissions on all our vehicles, thus adding social and environmental benefits to the UK under the Government Carbon Code.

We have managed to achieve this through our current supplier, Allstar Fuels where we contribute monthly based on the number of vehicles we have on the road. 

We are really proud of our achievements and contributions to the environment and we are humbled by receiving another certificate from the Eco Point Scheme, which we are enrolled in. Throughout 2017, our contributions based on Co2 emissions and fuel purchased we have been able to contribute to 75 new trees being planted – that’s a whole lot of woodland to be proud of, and we are.

It’s not just our employees who are taking our commitment to the environment seriously – family members are doing their bit to show their passion for the environment and highlight the importance of decreasing the carbon footprint.   Stephen Dorricott’s daughter Mae followed her own interests for the environment and successfully became the European Rolex Scholar in 2017.  Mae, who is a lover of the ocean and the environment embarked on a journey of her own recently.  She has been working with eco and toxology labs to highlight the risks of having plastics in our oceans and the effects it has on the environment.  The Director’s daughter describes herself as ‘an ocean enthusiast’ and the following video is her final presentation before handing over the crown to the new scholars of 2018 in New York.

Astley Hire are Friends of the Environment and Have the Certificate to Prove it.

At Astley Hire, we are always aiming towards higher standards and are always prepared to undertake necessary actions to work towards new certifications.

Always willing to go the extra mile, we have always considered the environment and reducing the carbon footprint a priority, and now we are very pleased to announce that we have recently received the ISO 14001 certification, which is an international agreed standard that requires an Environmental Management System.

Here are some of the tasks, which we have adhered to…

  • Separation of waste disposal (this is something we have always insisted on).
  • Double-sided is best! Our printers will be used less to reduce ink usage and paper.
  • Water consumption will be significantly reduced.
  • The installation of energy-saving lighting.
  • Reuse plastic bags and plastic packaging.
  • Saving energy by switching of machines and electrical appliances when not in use.

The EMS (Environmental Management System) has taken our company two years to implement the requirements expected to gain ISO 14001.  We are strongly working towards lessening the footprint by becoming carbon neutral within the next three years and aim to use ‘green’ sources consistently.  Through applying the EMS’s criteria, we are going all the way by tracking all our vehicles, ensuring reduced mileage and educating our staff to develop their own strategies to help the environment.

We will be monitoring our performance of course and ensuring that our company continues to implement EMS and remain friends of the environment.

ISO 14001